Trick & Treat: Megume and the Trees!

Megume Proof

Happy Halloween!  So I thought that Samhain would be an excellent time to announce that Megume and the Trees will be released on November 22nd.  But the trick’s on me – Amazon and Barnes & Noble are already selling it!  Crazy, especially since I only approved the final proof on Spirit Day (October 20th) and the ARCs (you know, the advance copies) only arrived at 5:00 PM on Friday.  What can I say?  We live in an on-demand world.  And, really, what better day for Megume to enter the world than All Hallow’s Eve?  It’s all terribly apropos, so I shan’t argue with the universe.

You can now have your favorite local bookshop order you a copy!  In need of a favorite local bookshop?  IndieBound can help you out!  And please, pretty please, ask your local and/or school library to order a copy?

The Kindle version came out long ago – on January 9th, when I celebrated by curling up beneath my little Christmas tree whilst snow glistened picturesquely outside.  I believe I also made my favorite pumpkin spice soy pancakes and coffee…It might have been post-holidays, but I was still in winter wonderland.  Similarly, I shall celebrate the paperback release today by enjoying the chill air and a fancy new Halloween playlist, courtesy of my friend, DJ Lo.

Why the long lapse between the Kindle and paperback versions?  Well, Megume was originally supposed to come out last year, but releasing it in the midst of all of those suicides covered by the media last fall didn’t feel right.  I wrote a novel about suicide because I had to, because I am all too familiar with that state of mind (sixteen years worth of familiar, in fact) – Megume and the Trees is the novel I had to write, the emotions I needed to put to the page before I could let any other story out of me.  I’d already asked To Write Love On Her Arms, The Trevor Project, GLSEN, and the Japanese-American Citizens League if I could include their information in the back of the book.  I didn’t know how much time should pass between the events of last fall and my novel release, and I spent all last autumn agonizing about what the right thing to do might be.  All I learned from that agonizing is that no one can tell you what’s best; you just have to listen to your heart and your gut.  So when the final proof showed up on my doorstep early in the morning on Spirit Day this year, that felt like a good sign to move forward, and to let Megume tell the story she and I have spent years forming for you.  And that’s why I can’t argue with an earlier than expected book release on All Hallow’s Eve, either – the day spirits return to walk the earth truly is the day Megume would come back.  I hope you hear what you need from her story.

Anndddd…If you haven’t seen it yet, me and Goodreads are giving away ten signed copies!  You have until November 20th to enter to win!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Megume and the Trees by Sarah Toshiko Hasu

Megume and the Trees

by Sarah Toshiko Hasu

Giveaway ends November 20, 2011.

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So happy Samhain/Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve to you!


P.S. Did you know that it was traditionally turnips, not pumpkins, which were carved for Halloween lanterns?  Now you know.

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